Rena+Ram+Kian – London Newborn & Family Photography

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Rena+Ram+Kian – London Newborn & Family Photography
It happened to me few times before that the couple I had a pleasure to photograph a wedding of, called me with  wonderful news, that they either are expecting a baby and want a maternity session or that they already welcomed to this world an additional member of their family and would like me to do their newborn and family photography session.
When Rena , whose wonderful wedding in Hendon Hall I photographed 2 years ago messaged me that she and Ram had a gorgeous baby Boy called Kian and would like to have London Newborn & Family Photography done by me I was super happy.
It is such a wonderful feeling to witness all those memorable and wonderful stages of peoples life. Engagements, weddings, pregnancies, families. Makes my work more significant. Makes me be aware that what I do is actually more than clicking a button on my camera and create a cute, pretty image. It makes me realize that I create long lasting digital memories.
I do hope little Kian , when he grows up, will appreciate my skills in capturing his cuteness. He was such a good and well behaved boy. I wish all family sessions were as smooth as this one. This was definitely Kian merit.
Rena did a fantastic work on planning her and boys wardrobe for London Newborn & Family Photography. Everything was so perfectly matching style  and color wise. The yellow armchair mixed with crimson red outfits of parents and blue outfit of the baby boy worked it tricks. The color pops out from the photos adding even more joy and happiness to already happy family of Rena+Ram+Kian :)))))))
I am available for London Newborn & Family Photography as well as for Maternity Photography. Happy to work all over the world so please don’t hesitate to contact wherever you are :))))
happy family posing for their lifestyle family photography in their london house baby smiling while posing for his newborn photograhy in Londonnewborn baby giggles in a stylish yellow armchair during a lonfon family photography sessionLondon Newborn & Family Photographynatural and stylish lifestyle family photograhy session in LondonRena+Ram+Kian - London Newborn & Family Photographymother kissing her baby during a lifestyle family and materinty photo session in Londonmaterinty and family photography in a stylish london flatbaby boy photo from a london lifestyle family and newborn photography sessionFemale newborn and family photographer LondonRena+Ram+Kian - London Newborn & Family Photographyparents kissing their child during a family photography session in LondonFather playing with his few months old son during a london family photography session
Rena+Ram+Kian – London Newborn & Family Photography

Great photos as always Slawa.xx

Rena, thank you. It means a lot to me that you are happy with the results. Thank you for making me your family photographer :))))

Amazing family photoshoot Slaw, love it.

Bart, thank you so much for you kind words :)