London Maternity Photography Moor Park

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London Maternity Photography Moor Park

I photographed a few Baby Shower Parties in the past. They always been a lovely events. Filled with friends and family and love and laughter. But as soon I stepped into this Marquee, I new this one will be special. It was like a mini wedding. With a beautifully decorated “half-naked” cake sprinkled with some gold dust. Mini desserts, duck crostinis, pita pockets. With a drink trolley and a waffle making station and most importantly with a favours of succulents in fancy china I couldn’t be more happy. It was a pleasure to watch whole family being involved in the preparations including male side blowing balloons that kept exploding ;-))

The “mum to be” wore a very summery white dress and a coronet of flowers while her 3 beautiful sisters, all wore matching white outfits. Seriously, everything at this party was precisely thought trough. I think even the Magnolia tree in the garden was there for reason. It was hard to avoid the temptation of using it as a backdrop for some portraits. So after the afternoon of games and munchies we took some cute maternity photos of the future mum among the magnolia flowers.

If you are looking for a Maternity Photographer in Moor Park or in other parts of London, please feel free to contact me to discuss the opportunity of working together :)

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oh I love these Slawa!! How pretty!!!!

This is grezt. I am very impressedi will be the great grsndmother.