Mountain Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot

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Mountain Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot

Its always an awkward feeling to attend a wedding as a guest rather than as an official photographer. So when my lovely friends invited me to their wedding and I saw how beautiful and elegant both of them look, my heart sank a bit. Why did i not get to photograph this two pretty faces ? SO I kindly offer to do their post wedding photoshoot. As we like trekking and hiking we decided that doing the session in the scenery of some mountains would be super cool. We were spoiled for choices. Our first choice was obvious – Tatra Mountains and Morskie Oko. But after researching the choice seem a little bit to cliche. So I googled, and googled and  found some amazing photos of Sokolica peak. Now we had a spot to photograph at, but there was millions of other obstacles like weather, finding free weekend that would suit all of us etc etc. But the day has come. One May Friday we decided that we can go following  Saturday. And it was a perfect timing as May was a month of their One Year Wedding Anniversary.Now we only had to decide whether to go for sunset or sunrise. Oh , life choices. We went for both. Sleeping over the night on the Slovakian part of the Pieniny Mountains.

Strolling along some picturesque hills we stumbled upon some grazing sheep and a local shepherd with his dog. As keen as the dogs were to pose for the photos, sheep were simply running away. I think we cause some havoc to the shepherd as the sheep got a little out of control. We were also so blessed with the golden hour for the mountain anniversary photoshoot. The day came to the end so we headed for some food and hit the pillow as we needed an early start. And I mean early. I mean 3 am.

Morning climb was in pitch black. We were fighting the time to ensure we are on top before the sun rises. Likely for us the trek wasnt long.

Finally we made it to the top. And not regretted for a second longer our crazy idea. The view was more than spectacular. With the famous tree growing out of the rocks, with the most and the Dunajec river writhing like a snake at the bottom. I think I managed to take my best photograph there. You will find it right a the bottom of the set. I think I also dunk my best coffee there as me extreme and adventurous friends climbed up well prepared with box of coffee, box of sugar, pot and a gas bottle. It was a brisk morning and a strong refreshing coffee.

Marysia & Marcin – Thank you for putting up with my ideas. Thank you for sharing your love with me and my camera. You were great. Cant wait for your second anniversary next year ;-)


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nice, love to photos with the sheep!