Regardless of whether you’re getting married or celebrating your union with a civil ceremony, the planning of the big day can be a very exciting time. As a London wedding photographer, I have the pleasure of attending a number of different weddings and civil ceremonies. Whether it’s a small intimate union, or one that has every friend and family member in attendance, I enjoy my role in capturing the day’s events as two people who love each other celebrate their union.Many may assume that photography is limited to the big day itself, but many couples have realised the benefits of having a professional engagement session organised before the actually wedding day. The first benefit is that the shoot will act as an icebreaker between the couple. This may sound a little strange in the wrong context, but consider how many times the two of you have actually sat down for a professional photo shoot.

It will also be an icebreaker between you two and a photographer. It will make you get used to the photographer and its camera, It will break your shyness, it will bring your confidence on your wedding day, as you will have an opportunity to get to know your right angles and expectations of a photographer.Some couples may struggle for inspiration as to where they should take their engagement photographs. As a wedding photographer in London, I have worked with a number of couples who have all opted for different locations in relation to their engagement photo shoot. There is no right or wrong location, whether you’re looking for an urban-inspired theme, or something that reflects the beauty of nature, I will be able to provide a professional service that captures both the couple and the environment perfectly.