Engagement Session – Shinda + Kiran

Engagement Session

Engagement Session – Shinda +Kiran

Sometimes you meet with potential clients and you “click” straight away. You know that they are a right couple for you and you cant wait to photograph their wedding day, or shall i rather say wedding days as Sikh Wedding Photography is a 4-5 days affair. That was my case with Shinder & Kiran. I liked them in an instant. I like them for being genuine, I like them for their honesty I like them cos they seem to be really after each other. I was really looking forward to their wedding celebrations.

They weren’t 100 % sure about the engagement session prior to their wedding as they claimed they were not photogenic and camera shy. But my arguments of a e-session being a rehearsal for a wedding day won.¬†We met in the City as I found it quiet on the weekend, and I thought would make it easier for them. We found a secluded spot in between some buildings and this is where it all started. And it turned out that they didn’t need much guidance and many directions. That their shyness disappeared within first 10 min. They were just brilliant. Hugging and laughing and teasing each other. After few minutes of wondering around we bumped onto a old school Mini Copper that created a fantastic backdrop for our photos. They are my personal favourite from our engagement photography session in London :) Worn out a little we took a coffee break in one of my favourite places in Spitafield market. This became a fantastic opportunity for more relaxed and intimate engagement photos.

I don’t know about you , but I am in love with those photos :)) Have a look and tell me what you think.

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I am available to shoot weddings in engagements all over the world so dont be shy :))))

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