Indian Wedding Photography The Great Barn Headstone Manor

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Indian Wedding Photography The Great Barn Headstone Manor

I love this Hindu wedding of Chandni and Jatin at The Great Barn at Headston Manor in Harrow. It was a mix of elegance and chill. With super stylish couple and a relaxed barn vibe. I absolutely adored both Chandni’s wedding outfits and I loved Jatin’s choice of a bow tie and double breasted jacket for the evening reception. My favorite part of the day was the games . The priest and the family played a little prank on the bride and groom and hid the ring instead of putting it in the bowl. So the couple spent some time fishing for it in vain. There was also one moment that proves even the oldest Indian wedding traditions get modernized. Traditionally groom gets his shoes stolen at the beginning of the day and he hes to pay to get them back. Usually there is cash involved but Jatin did try to pay by bank transfer he he. This was just brilliant. Ultimately he managed to get his shoes back :)

Lots of candids captured, few absolutely¬† stunning bridal portraits and some cute and romantic Indian couple portraits. All this is a perfect representation of my Indian Wedding Photography style. Capturing moments of happiness, joy and love. Capturing emotional moments during speeches and Vidai where bride’s family officially parts with her is the main aim of my wedding photography job. I do believe I managed to photograph a fair bit of this meaningful parts of this Indian Wedding Photography The Great Barn Headstone Manor. Have a look below to find out.

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Beautiful work as always Slawa, this day was captured perfectly! Loving the brides outfits!