Westbury Castle Wedding Photography

Dear visitors, what you about to see it is a two day wedding that took place at a magnificent castle in South Wales – Westbury Castle.  The first day was filled with traditional Sikh Pre Wedding events like Mayian – pre wedding ritual where bride or groom are covered with a turmeric paste to give their skin a glow. Choora – ceremony where the bride gets wedding bangles from aunts and aunties. Sangeet – singing and dancing get together. Jaggo – also a party, usually held the night before the wedding. So day number one was packed with various Punjabi rituals and traditions.

Day number two started off with getting ready shots at the Westbury Castle. For the groom side the important bit of this day is tying of the Turban also called the Pagg. This very often requires an involvement of a third party, usually a trained or experienced and professional person specializing in tying turbans.

……….. to be contimued




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Beautiful photos Sława! Amazing portraits as always!