Chinese Wedding Photography Hyde Barn Cotswold

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Chinese Wedding Photography Hyde Barn Cotswold

I believe every wedding photographer has a bucket list of  specific weddings an wedding locations. Chinese wedding was on my professional bucket list for a while. Particularly the most traditional bit of Chinese wedding – the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Fanny and Motoki gave me the opportunity of crossing the Chinese Tea Ceremony off my list. Depsite Motoki being Japanese and some of his family members turning up to the wedding dressed in Japanese Kimono’s they decided to start the morning with the Chinese Tradition. While both families took part in it.

For this part of the day Fanny wore amazing Red Chinese outfit that originally belonged to her grandmother who got married in it years ago. Fanny’s mum also got married in it. The bids and embroidery were wery impressive. They were recently fixed and redone , nevertheless there is something magical in wearing for your Chinese Wedding Photography Hyde Barn Cotswold and outfit that has been passed for the ocasion for generations.

Fanny and Motoki chose this wonderful venue called Hyde Barn for their intimate wedding. Hyde Barn is located in Cotswold.


Superb photos Slawa! Love the colors of her traditional dress! Amazing!

Great photos! Lots of amazing moments! Love your colours!