Laura & Gerard London Engagement Photography

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Laura & Gerard London Engagement Photography

Laura contacted me months ago with an inquiry for an engagement photography with a specific date. Which I found unusual as normally couple photo shoots are very flexible matters. Couples have a month in mind but the date is chosen couple of weeks prior depending on my availability and the weather forecast of course. And that last condition can be very tricky at times. It was actually the struggle we had with this session. We had no flexibility, as Laura actually lives in USA and was coming to London for a very short visit – long weekend I would say. Only one specific day was assigned for a shoot. And the forecast was crazy for it. It was meant to be cloudy, than it was meant to rain, than on an actual day it was super sunny at the morning. We changed the timings few times the day before. And we were lucky cos right after we wrapped up it started to pour. Oh British unpredictable weather.

As I mentioned Laura is American. Gerard is Kenyan. They planning to get married in Kenya next year but for now they live apart. Gerard resides for now in UK. As they dont see each other that often, and as Laura said their friends and family dont see them often together they wanted to organize this London Engagement Photography shoot so they could share the photos with family and friends. What a thoughtful and nice idea.

When I asked Laura if she had a specific place in mind or an idea of a photo shoot. Her reply was : Mews. I liked that idea immidietly. Its very London like, it gives this gentle romantic vibes and can be super colorful. And colorful it was. While the blue and white house gave us a very British feeling of a shoot the yellow and green house, at least to me , seemed a little African . Which was a perfect combination dont you think ????

Love was in the air for sure during this London Engagement Photography. And I hope my photos reflect their true happiness that i had a pleasure to witness. I wish you Laura and Gerard all the best. YOu were a joy and treasure to work with :)))


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Slawa, We could not be happier with how the photos turned out! You were such a pleasure to work with and we really appreciate your flexibility with our timing, the weather, and everything. We’re so excited to share these with family and friends and we plan our wedding. Thank you once again!

Great set Slawa, lovely colours!