Destination Couple Photoshoot Oman, Middle East

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Destination Couple Photoshoot Oman, Middle East

There are no bigger passions in my life than traveling and photography. My last trip just proved that combing this two can give some spectacular  results. Recently not only was I lucky enough to shoot  as a freelancer a wedding in the Middle East. I was also given the pleasure of doing a couple photoshoot  with my two lovely and very good looking friends who live in Oman – Agata & Francois. After the wedding I decided to stay for few more days in Oman for recreational reasons meaning holiday :)) When Agata & Francios asked me to take their couple photos I got more than excited. I have been to Oman 2 times before and I know the little town of Nizwa like my own city. Many times when wondering through the date farms or old ruins of this charming place I imagined how wonderful would be to do a Wedding Photo Session there. But chances of that were small. Oman is not a place couple choose for their Destination Wedding Photography or Destination Engagement Photography. Its not like Dubai in UAE that’s popular with Arab Wedding Photography or Asian Destination Wedding Photography.  But hey, dreams do come true !!! And here I am blogging for you guys photos  from a couple photoshoot in Oman, Middle East. We have a the greenery of of the palm trees, we have the golden light of a sunset,  we have redness of Agata’s lips and redness of Francois shoes. We have happiness and smiles and loads of love. We have everything it takes to create a stunning images of a stunning couple in love. Please scroll down and check out for yourself.

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destination couple photoshoot oman middle east