Ealing Town Hall Wedding Photographer

I really enjoy photographing  short and intimate civil ceremonies at Local Town Halls. They are always very intense and I end up going home with almost as many images as from half day wedding. Mubashar and Aroosh got married in the Ealing Town Hall in the Norwood Suite. After quite a joyful civil wedding – you can see on the photos how happy Aroosh was, we went for a couple photo shoot upstairs. And I have to tell you I simply couldn’t stop, I could not get enough of this stylish couple. Particularly Aroosh in her pearly dress designed by her talented mum. Yep, I couldnt believe it myself. It looks like a proper designer piece. Wearing matching veil and vintage earrings. With the  bridal bouquet made and designed by Zoe from Flowers by Zoe that  blew me away. Such an amazing bouquet. Pink roses made it look timeless and elegant, succulent plants made it look modern and quirky. The interior of this splendid late Victorian Gothic building of the Ealing Council  allowed me to create some pretty moody but yet romantic images.

I cant stop looking at this photos, I honesty can’t. This is for sure one of my favorite couple session ever. And I have to say big thanks to Aroosh for finding me on Instagram. It was a fantastic experience to be an Ealing Town Hall Wedding Photographer.

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Salawa! The photography is so good I give you 10/10 loved the style how you took photos. On a light note (I wish to get married again )
Thanku on behalf of Aroosh Aunty from Australia

You are a very good photographer, very beautifully all pictures,amazing stunning, I love it

Wow! Loved all the pictures. You are a pro! Keep up the great work. Aroosh and Mubashar looking great, may they always stay happy together ❤️

These photos are insane!
You’re such a good photographer, love the venue, love the couple!
Absolutely stunning! The bouquet and rings shot is amazing!

Slawa!! You did an amazingggg job on our registry so so so happy that I booked you, you took lots of great shots and we could really see your passion for what you do!! Thanks again so much for making beautiful memories for our special day