Female Muslim Wedding Photographer London.

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Female Muslim Wedding Photographer London.

This isn’t to be a full post from a London Muslim Wedding, but rather few of my favourite shots from it. There are two reasons for me to post the photos here. First, cos I am really fond of this lovely sisters.┬áLast year I photographed Mehndi and Wedding of the eldest one. This year I was invited to be a Wedding Photographer at a wedding of the second eldest sister. I really hope to photograph at least the other two, I believe it will be a while by the time the youngest one will get married :))) The sisters are lovely, the family too. I am really comfortable and at ease being around them all.

Second reason for posting this photos is that I do believe its worthwhile to meet with your wedding photographer at home or hotel for few photos before the actual event. Muslim photography or other Asian Photography is orientated around formal family and friends shots. We are all fully aware that there will be plenty of opportunities at a wedding reception for those kind of shots, but we all know that they wont be as intimate and relaxed as the photos taken at the tranquility of a private space.

I believe that photos below are show this valid point. I was called over to come to the house one hour before the event and that gave us enough time to create this sweet , relaxed photographs. All else we needed was a bed and some natural window light. I believe this can be arranged at most of the weddings :)))

I encourage every bride to not just start your wedding photographs at the venue but rather at home or hotel before.  Preparation shots , portraits, family shots can be done than in much more private and relaxed atmosphere leaving you more concentrated on the ceremony later on the day.

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