Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel

Another day of Sikh Wedding Celebrations of Gurshinder and Kiran. This time i present you with a last day, the Reception Day that took place in a splendid Lancaster Hotel in the heart of London.

Gurshinder presented himself wearing a classic western suit and tie. Kiran wore gorgeous Indian Lehenga in rich colours : deep blue and bright red. With yet again perfect hair and makeup she looked fabulous. Exactly like bride should look on her wedding day.

Before the diner and the party started we headed to the nearby Hyde Park for official Couple Wedding Photography.

Surrounded by high grass and still green trees we created some lovely and romantic couple images. After that we proceeded into the Lancaster Hotel for the couple grand entrance. Followed by cake cutting and a short thank you speech by the groom. And after that, as we all know it , it was when the party started. Punjabi music, sikh dancing, family members being carried around on the dance floor. Fluorescent sticks and the best Dhol Players in town. How much passion, energy and strength those guys have ?!?! Usual Sikh Wedding craziness. How much fun are they to photograph.

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To see the trailer of the video done by Robert Kubicki please click here :)


sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0032 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0033 Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0035 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0036 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0037 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0038 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0039 Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0041 Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0043 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0044 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0045 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0046 Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0048 Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0050 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0051 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0052 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0053 Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0055 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0056 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0057 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0058 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0059 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0060 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0061 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0062 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0063 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0064 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0065 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0066 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0067 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0072 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0073 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0075 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0076 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0077 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0078 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0079 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0080 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0081 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0082 sikh-wedding-lancaster-hotel-london_0083

Indian Wedding Photographer London Lancaster Hotel


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