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Photo Prints- London & Destination Wedding Photographer

Few weeks ago I presented you with some photos of Albums I offer – click here to view the blog. Today I photographed some of my new arrivals. A beautiful fabric covered Photo Box with engraving that holds 100 photos.

Although the box is designed to hold prints of the size of 15×23 cm I don’t see why not use smaller prints :))

Prints are available in gloss , matte, silk and my favourite – but a little bit more pricey – metallic finnish. As the name indicates, metallic prints give an impression of printed on a piece of metal with some silver touch in the highlights. They are very unusual and give the photos some dreamy feel. I am besotted by them :)))

As for boxes they come in one size but there is a selection of colours to chose from. There is also an option for personalising the box with an engraving and adding a space for a USB stick.

I added the Box and the prints to my offer of a London & Destination Wedding Photographer alongside the very popular albums as I realised this Xmas how easy is to store the photos on a laptop or a hard drive and forget about them. Also how difficult is to locate them once you decide to view them. I hardly have any photos printed and a lot of photos from my traveling trips that I have seen only once after taking them – the one time when I was uploading them to my computer.

How much easier is to reach to the drawer for a box or envelop of photos rather than to your laptop to show your family and friends some of your cherished moments. How much easier is to pack the prints or a box to your handbag while on a visit to a friend’s house. How amazing is to stumble upon the prints while doing your spring cleaning ;)))) I have missed those moments. I have missed finding the forgotten treasures in my drawers.

So one of my New Year resolutions as a London & Destination Wedding Photographer is to print more photos, my personal ones and the ones of my clients. I hope by adding the Photo Prints option to my packages I will encourage you to do so.

For now I wish you a Happy New Year – full of Dream Weddings, Dream Engagements and Dream New Happily Ever After  :))))


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