Ritz Carlton Abama Wedding Photography

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Ritz Carlton Abama Wedding Photography

RItz Carlton Abama Wedding Photography

Ritz Carlton Abama Wedding Photography

Where does one start when describing such event as this pre wedding Sangeet party at Ritz Carlton Abama ? How does one describe it ??

Epic ! Amazing ! Unique ! Special ! This are the words that come to my mind. And I believe you can all agree.

Where does one start ? I will start with the location. A landmark destination, a 5 start  luxury hotel on the Canary Island of Tenerife, Spain – Ritz  Carlton Abama . Photographers paradise. Located atop a cliff overlooking the Atlantic. Surrounded by Palm Trees. Build in a style of a Moroccan Castle with is orange walls its like nothing else in Europe. I am in love with its aesthetics.

Now, onto a couple. Epic ! Amazing ! Unique ! Special ! A dream client. Kind, relaxed and handsome. Ash in her statement modern Indian outfit by Papa don’t Preach. , Shiv in his pastel floral waistcoat looked like from the front cover of a magazine. What a beautiful color combination with the colors of the venue.

And finally the family and friends. Like the couple , they were fantastic. kind and hospitable. They created such an amazing atmosphere and made all the suppliers feel more like friends than staff.

Decor and detail are also worth mentioning. Fairy tale like settings. Al fresco dinning between palm trees and swimming pools. Beautifully decorated tables, vases, flowers, table linen.

This outdoor pre wedding sangeet was a perfect event. Absolutely stunning and unlike anything I’ve seen.

It also needs to be mentioned the person who helped planning and organizing this amazing Ritz Carlton Abama Wedding Photography was Karishma from Karishma Manwani Events. I do not hesitate to say that without her skills and attention to detail this event wouldn’t be the same.

Scroll down to see photos from the Sangeet but also from Haldi ceremony and an actual Hindu wedding.

The second day started early in the morning with Haldi ceremony in the Persian Garden. This is usually the fun bit of the wedding. Haldi is a cleansing ritual before entering the holy matrimony. It literally cleanses the skin of the bride and groom as Haldi is a paste made of turmeric and turmeric holds anti inflammatory properties. Haldi paste is applied to face and body of both, bride and a groom. It can be done gently but usually is not. And lets be honest it gets messier when guys are involved. And as you can see from the photos below. The guys went hard on the groom this time.

After the beautifying morning rituals it came time for the actual Hindu wedding ceremony. The set up was breathtaking with the endless horizon behind the mandap. Mandap beautifully decorated with red roses to match the  mindblowing Sabyasachi lehenga that Ashmi was wearing on her special day. The flowery red embroidery on the bridal outfit gave the outfit such a joyful vibes. And that matched so well  Ashmi’s personality. She was on her day a bubble of joy. Ash the groom had his moment during the Baraat. He rolled in an old school cabrio Mercedes with the wedding party rocking multicolored smoke bombs. His monochromatic outfit screamed : elegance. and so did the whole Ritz Carlton Abama Wedding Photography. What an epic wedding.

Stay tuned for the reception blog coming soon.