Surprise Proposal – Krakow Destination Engagement & Wedding Photography

Destination Weddings Engagement Session Surprise Proposal

Surprise Proposal – Krakow Destination Engagement & Wedding Photography

Couple of weeks ago I received an email. An email that I found kind of unusual. It was an email from James. Written with so much detail. Including the specific date and the time of the planned surprise proposal. Step by step plan of the day. Even including his initial plan of proposing at the church tower right after the St Mary’s Trumpet Call – This option didn’t work out at the end.

Hardly ever my wedding clients take so much effort explaining their ideas when inquiring for my wedding photography services. So it kind of made me think. But after exchanging few emails with James and getting answers to my questions I realized that this is for real :) Another interesting thing was that literally on the day of Jamse’s email I bought flight ticket home – Krakow, for only 4 days. And his proposal was happening on one of those days. I honestly didn’t know what to thin of all that.

James and Joanna live in the USA.  Joanna  moved to America, from Krakow, with her parents and brother when she was few years old. So James worked it out that there wont be a better time and place for a proposal than during a holidays to her motherland.

After exchanging many emails and days of polishing off the plan, the proposal day has come. James organized the photographer – me :). 2 musicians – violin and guitar. Ordered us to buy a bunch of red roses – Joanna’s favorites and pre booked the horse carriage.

We were all ready to go. Standing in anticipation outside Mariacki’s Church waiting for the horse carriage carrying  James and Joanna to pull in front of us and action to happen. We were waiting and waiting and waiting. The carriage appears and the carter is blinking and I am confused as the couple doesn’t look like the one on the photo I received earlier. But I start to take photos , musicians start to play and than Joanna’s brother starts shouting that it is not them. Hmmmm

So we keep on waiting and than the carter runs towards us saying how sorry he is but he must have picked up a wrong people thinking is James and Joana. A couple jumped on the carriage at the exact time and simply said ” let’s go”. He didn’t want to ruin James’s surprise so without a word moved the carriage.

In the meantime James organized another carriage and few minutes later appeared in it with Joanna. Totally confused Joanna kept looking at us  – me snapping photos, musicians serenading while James went down on one knee and took out an engagement ring. And this is when the crying started. Both Joanna and James were in tears – happy tear I believe. Crowd gathered around us clapping, cheering and recording everything on their mobiles. I have to say it was one quite an experience. And Of course Joanna said : YES!

Surprise Proposal – Krakow Destination Engagement & Wedding Photography – turned out to be quite a success.

After all the emotional surprise part we went for yet another horse carriage ride and wondered around for the official Krakow Destination Engagement Photos.

If you are planning Surprise Proposal – in Krakow or another destination please get in touch. I will be happy to be part of it and even help you plan it :))))

Surprise Proposal – Krakow Destination Engagement & Wedding Photography


I had the pleasure of being the girl in the photos that was proposed to. :) I had the most magical experience and Slawa helped make it a moment to remember. I love all of the photos, she has such immense talent! Thank you for working with us, you are the best. :)

Joanna thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure to witness such intimate and emotional event. It was for sure one of my favorite assignments. Wishing you guys a happy future together. x

This is so lovely!! What a lovely set of pictures, and well done to the mister, for the surprise proposal!!

Sylwia Zalewski

Kochana Asiu, wzruszyłam się do łez oglądając zdjęcia z Twoich zaręczyn. To było naprawdę piękne. Życzę Tobie i Jamesowi długich i szczęśliwych wspólnych lat, dużo miłości i radości z bycia razem oraz spełnienia wszystkich najskrytszych marzeń.

Sylwia Zalewski

This was an amazing story. To be engaged in Kroków is like a dream come true. The scenery, flowers, horses, beauty of the Old Times Square and St.Mary’s Cathedral made this event full of beauty and memorable moments. Best wishes to Joanna and James, 100 years with happiness, joy and love.