Destination Engagement Photography – Magdalena & Mathias

Engagement Session

Destination Engagement Photography – Magdalena & Mathias

What do you do if you plan en engagement session for Boxing Day, 2 months in advance hoping to take the photos in the snow and it turns out to be the hottest Xmas ever with over +10C ? You get on cracking with plan accepting the fact that the background will be orange rather than white :)))

Magdalena is Polish, Mathias is from Chile. They met in Germany during the Erasmus student exchange program. I am not sure if they anticipated that this will be anything serious as Mathias went back to Chile after the Erasmus finished. But it turned out the love was super strong and super serious and Mathias flew back to Germany and the love of his life – Magdalena . Isn’t that a beautiful story ? Isn’t that what love is about ?  So now they lead their happy live together in Hamburg , Germany

We planned the engagement photo session in Niepolomice, town 25 km away from Krakow, Poland, as this is the place where Magdalena & Mathias will get married in the summer of 2016. They chose Niepolomice Castle for their Wedding Venue. Grand , Royal, Historical. Apparently every polish Kind used the castle as their weekend hunting home. We thought that as we going to visit it to view the rooms and discuss the wedding set ups etc we will also use it as a backdrop for the engagement shoot. I couldnt resist and not to drag Magdalena & Mathias to the nearby Puszcza Niepolomicka  – Niepolomice Wilderness to some more photos, this time to give them more outdoor feel. We werent lucky with the snow, we hoped for but we were blesses with the beautiful Golden Hour. How much i Love to shoot against the orange sun.

Would anyone believe that this engagement photography was done on the 26th of December ? Jackets off, sleeves rolled up posing in a glowing sun.

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