Hampstead Heath Engagement – Sukran & Ade

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Hampstead Heath Engagement – Sukran & Ade

Oh, there is nothing more heartbreaking than when you  finally have a sunny day in London and the chances for sunset are like 100% and than you find out that its early spring, so they close the park 2 hours before sunset. All my plans for a golden hour engagement photos ruined. But still we managed to get some lovely shots, hazy, flary cute shots :)))

Its simply impossible not to get beautiful shots while shooting in Hampstead Heath park. So photogenic . And so was my couple. Casual but elegant, both Ade and Sukran did a fantastic job posing patiently for me. I do believe we all had a good time during the engagement photoshoot. I seriously can’t wait for their lush wedding in Lanesborough Hotel in Hyde Park Corner.

Enjoy the photos guys :)


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