Kavita & Suraj Engagement Session Pt1- Rapeseed fields

Engagement Session

Kavita & Suraj Engagement Session Pt1- Rapeseed fields

Planning an engagement session can be a little bit tricky, specially if you rely on weather in London and hope for a sunny day. We changed our meeting timing few times. I was really hoping for a golden hour but the day started a bit cloudy so we decided to start a little earlier. And it was a fantastic idea as on our way to Virginia Waters, which was our chosen spot for engagement session, we spotted this amazing yellow fields of Rapeseed. Breaks were pressed hard and 5 min later we were on the fields. With Sun naturally filtered by the clouds we had this lovely even light. It was now up to Kavita & Suraj and the amount of love they wanted to show to the world. And i think they showed a fair amount. I couldn’t get enough of those shots. Maybe cos rapeseed fields were for a long time on my list of photo opportunities. My whose are yellow, by trousers are yellow, my hoodie aka blanket is yellow but thats the sacrifice you have to make if you want cool shots. I would like to also thank Suraj for sacrificing his trousers too. They also ┬áchanged the colour from navy blue to yellow after those engagement shoot. But boy , I think all this was worth it. And we managed to get to Virginia Waters on time for some more couple photos in more forest surroundings . But I will have to prepare another blog post with that one. At the moment let your eyes enjoy the Engagement Session of Kavita & Suraj form rap seed fields.

Kiss x

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Hello Slawa, would you please share the location or direction of these rapeseeds? Thank you, Julia!

Hey, I am sorry I dont remember the location. I do believe tho that there is plenty of such fields outside London now as there is a season for rapeseed. Good luck.

One of the best moment of life in engment photoes in natural fresh air yellow colour field which is my favorit colour best of luck in your life what ever you do love you both