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Southall Gurdwara Sikh Wedding Photographer London

Below I present you with a blog post from, I assume the most important part of wedding celebrations of Kiran and Gurshinder – Gurwara part. You have already been presented with Kiran and Gurshinder’s Engagement photos- you can check them out here, and with Gurshinder’s Maiya Ceremony shots, click here to view them. Now is time to publish the photos from the official religious ceremony. Kiran and Gurshinder chosen Havelock Road Gurdwara in Southhall calles Sri Guru Singh Sabha, as their wedding temple. This Gurdwara contains 2 prayer halls. One main one with a beautiful dome like silling and a second smaller and much more intimate hall. And this is where they held their celebration. I really liked the modern design of the hall, with its concrete and wood finish, with its blue carpet, lovely stained window and most of all with all the natural, window light we had to out disposition.

Southall Gurdwara Sikh Wedding Photographer London started early – typical for Sikh Weddings, at the Bride and Grooms house. Groom had his turban put on by the male family members , while the Bride had her make u and Chunni/Dupata put on too. All the preparations were followed by some family photos.

What I particularly liked about this wedding was the fact that Groom, instead of hiring some fancy car, decided to hire a coach and transport his whole family in it. The coach was full of singing and jokes and precious family moments. What a fantastic and unusual idea !

Obviously, the wedding breakfast and wedding lunch was held in the Gurdwara Langar / Canteen. I love the idea that everyone is welcome there to come and have food and that everyone is equal there too. And that the food is very, very delicious and so is the Chai :))

The religious celebration , the readings, the walking around the Sri Guru Grand Sahib 4 times, the passover of the scarf from the brides father to Groom’s hands was performed in such a concentration that only the exchange of the rings allow them to relax, look at each other and smile. The kisses and greetings from all the family and friends filled the hall with joy and Kiran and Gurshinder become now husband and wife :))

And we all know that this wasn’t the end as now the time came for the endless Sikh family traditions. Going from Gurdwara to the Brides’ s house to allow her to say good-bye to her home and  family. Very beautiful, emotional and tearful moment called Vidaai. Followed by a reception in Groom’s house where at the end of the day they both stay as a newly married couple.

All those wonderful Sikh traditions present for a fantastic photo opportunities. Hugs. Tears. Smiles.  Two usually wonderful families  joined together. And that was definitely the case of Kiran and Gurshinder’s families. They have been so open and welcoming towards the photo and video crew. Working with them and among them was a fantastic journey. I hope for more work opportunities at Sikh Weddings in London and all over the World. I love Sikh Weddings.

Have a look at the selection of the photos from the day. Keep your eyes wide open for a blog post from their evening reception in Lancaster Hotel in London.

Would like to thank  Rob Kubicki for a great cooperation as a videographer. Click here to see the fantastic video trailer  from the day :)

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Southall Gurdwara Sikh Wedding Photographer London


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