Tamil Wedding Photography Froyle Park

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Tamil Wedding Photography Froyle Park

This summer I had an opportunity to shoot two Tamil weddings. The first one took place at my  favorite wedding venue – Kew Gardens. The second one, from Froyle Park I present you below.  I loved working at them both. Tamil Weddings bring change to the majority of Hindu Weddings I photograph. There are similarities and there are differences. Coconut and rice take central stage at Tamil weddings, while statues of Ganesh do at other Hindu Ceremonies.  At both types of Weddings there is a Holy Thread – Mangala Sutra, which takes the name of Thaali at Tamil wedding. Both types of Asian weddings have games but while at Tamil weddings the game of “fishing” for a ring takes place during the ceremony at other Hindu weddings this takes place after the ceremony is concluded.

This stunning Tamil Wedding Photography Froyle Park was so full of great moments of joy and happiness. It was also extremely colorful. Bride wore orange Saree that later was changed for an red and yellow one, while her bridesmaids wore ultramarine ones. The room for the Tamil Wedding Photography Froyle Park was decorated  with blue floral arrangements and so was the outdoor Dome during the Civil wedding that took place after the Tamil religious ceremony. To add more color to the day the Cocktail Van was a yellow VV . As we were so lucky with the weather and big part of the day was spent outdoors.

The evening speeches were absolutely cracking, if you look careful you will see among this photos a guest biting his own hand to stop himself from laughing. This doesn’t happen often at any weddings. Actually, I have never witnessed it. That is rather good indicator of one having fun at a wedding.


Great photos Sława! You captured lots of amazing moments!